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Excalibur EPRR UK Ltd is a dynamic consulting company that specialises in providing targeted solutions to our clients’ business challenges. Our unique approach involves assembling a diverse team of experienced military veterans and emergency services personnel who make up Excalibur’s pool of associates, who possess specialised expertise across a range of skills giving you distinct benefits to your organisation:

Rather than maintaining a fixed team of associates, we draw upon this pool of professionals on an as-needed basis, ensuring that each project is staffed with the most relevant and skilled individuals.

This flexible model allows us to deliver tailored, high-quality consulting services that align with our clients’ evolving needs.

At Excalibur we’re committed to delivering exceptional results by harnessing the collective power of our associates to drive success for your business

Founder / Director Keith Nevitt

Keith Nevitt

Founder / Director

With over 25 years’ experience within the area of Emergency Planning Response and Resilience (EPRR), I have developed a specialised skill set enabling me to construct single agency and multiagency plans for complex and challenging responses to include but not exhaustive, medical planning, mass casualty planning, major incident response.

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