Critical Injury Treatment Awareness

Responding to a Terrorist or Violent criminal incident Including Critical Injury Treatment Awareness (CITA)

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Course Overview:

Benefits of attending the Responding to a Terrorist or Violent criminal incident Including Critical Injury Treatment Awareness (CITA) course

In today’s world, understanding and preparing for terrorist threats is a crucial aspect of business, personal and community safety.

Attending Excalibur’s Responding to a Terrorist or Violent criminal incident Including Critical Injury Treatment Awareness (CITA) Course provides participants with knowledge about the threats we face, attack methodologies, potential injuries, and life-saving interventions. This course will enhance public safety and response capabilities.

Benefit 1: Terrorism Awareness

Participants gain a deep understanding of terrorist threats, including the identification of potential warning signs and suspicious activities. This heightened awareness empowers individuals to report concerns and contribute to overall security.

Benefit 2: Attack Methodologies

The course educates attendees on various terrorist attack methodologies, such as bombings, shootings, and vehicle attacks. This knowledge helps individuals recognise the signs of an attack in progress or its aftermath, enabling them to respond effectively.

Benefit 3: Injury Recognition

Understanding the types of injuries that may result from terrorist incidents is essential for effective response. The course provides insight into gunshot wounds, blast injuries, burns, and other trauma, facilitating prompt and appropriate first aid.

Benefit 4: Basic Life-Saving Skills

Participants learn essential life-saving techniques, including controlling bleeding, administering CPR, and managing airways. These skills are invaluable for stabilising injured individuals until professional medical help arrives.

Benefit 5: Quick Response

Knowledge gained from the course allows individuals to respond swiftly and confidently during a terrorist incident. Early intervention can save lives by preventing further harm and providing immediate care to those injured.

Benefit 6: Effective Communication

The course emphasises effective communication, enabling participants to relay critical information to emergency services accurately. Clear communication is vital in coordinating an efficient response and ensuring the safety of all involved underpinned by the JESIP principles.

Benefit 7: Reducing Panic

Education about threat response and life-saving interventions empowers individuals to remain calm in the face of danger. This reduces panic, fosters better decision-making, and promotes orderly evacuation or response efforts.

Benefit 8: Community Resilience

A community with well-informed individuals who can respond effectively to terrorist threats is more resilient. This course contributes to building a community that is better prepared to handle and recover from such incidents.

Benefit 9: Saving Lives

The most significant benefit of attending this course is the potential to save lives. Equipped with the knowledge and skills gained, participants can provide critical assistance to those injured in an attack, greatly increasing their chances of survival.

Summary – Attending Excalibur’s Responding to a Terrorist or Violent criminal incident Including Critical Injury Treatment Awareness (CITA) is a proactive step towards business, personal and community safety. Knowledge about threats faced, attack methodologies, injuries, and life-saving interventions can make a substantial difference during a crisis. Empowered with this education, individuals are better prepared to respond effectively to terrorist incidents, potentially saving lives and contributing to the overall resilience and safety of their communities in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

In addition, it shows investment in staff by giving them a life skill they can use either while at work or out with their family and loved ones.
When an incident occurs, the emergency services will not be present immediately and anyone seriously injured will need assistance. This course will equip participants to fill the care gap until the emergency services arrive.

The Manchester Arena Inquiry, into the Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack of May 2017, highlighted that there will be a period of time whereby those caught up in such an incident will be on their own, until the emergency services (First Responders) arrive. The gap between the incident and the emergency services arriving was identified as the care gap.

Those persons caught up in the incident will become as a default “Zero” responders and can make a difference to those injured until the First Responders arrive by applying some easy taught lifesaving interventions.

Who Should Attend?
This training is aimed at anyone who may find themselves caught up in Terrorist or Violent incident, so in reality that is anyone within your organisation.
By your staff attending this training, they could save lives in such an incident.

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