Incident management at an Operational level.

Course reference: EX003

Course Overview
This course is aimed at staff within your organisation who are / may be required to operate at an Operational Level (formerly Bronze Commander) during an incident response.
Often staff from many non-blue light agencies who are required to operate at an Operational level during an incident, have totally different day jobs from that of an Operational Commander. Operational level commanders are an integral part of overall C3 (Command, Control, Co-ordination) of any response. They will support the Strategic (formerly Gold) and Tactical (formerly Silver) Commanders of the response.

Any incident that occurs there will without a doubt be a delay in the Emergency Services arriving, so you will find yourselves as the “Zero” responders.
That response will include the filling of the “command gap” until the Emergency Services arrive and then a combined response will be initiated following the JESIP principles.

It is essential that you have trained staff to fulfill this pivotal role during an incident response.

The content is aligned to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the role of an Operational Commander.

Unit Unit Description
CCAA1 Work in co-operation with other organisations
CCAA2 Share information with other organisations
CCAA3 Manage information to support civil protection decision making
CCAB1 Anticipate and assess the risk of emergencies
CCAE3 Conduct debriefing after an emergency, exercise, or other activity
CCAF2 Warn, inform, and advise community in the event of emergencies
CCAG3 Respond to emergencies at the operational level
D11 Lead meetings
E10 Take effective decisions
CCAG4 Address the needs of individuals during the initial response to emergencies

Who Should Attend?
This training is aimed at those who will be operating at the level of “Operational Commander” (formerly Bronze Commander).
Target group: Staff from Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Private Business Sector to include the leisure and retail industry but not exclusive, Private medical providers, Security industry, Voluntary groups.
Post training delegates will be equipped to operate internally within their organisation as well as within a multi-agency response.

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