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Excalibur’s Founder Keith Nevitt has a passion to empower people with the skills required to be better prepared for the challenges they may face, utilising a vast experience of over three decades across the Emergency services, Military and Response to disasters within the UK and International theatres.

The company’s vision of “Tomorrow’s unknown is what we prepare for today” is what lies as the foundations of Excalibur.

All associates who work for Excalibur have a vast background of experience, with many years within front line operations dealing with complex and major incidents.

In addition, they have substantial experience working as commanders at Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels.

Excalibur’s pool of associates comprising of military veterans and emergency services personnel, while working with you bring a range of distinct benefits to your organisation:

We routinely seek feedback from all our clients, be that for training or the other associated services that Excalibur offer, in order to ensure a high standard of delivery is maintained.

Excalibur genuinely believe in the vision of our founder:

Tomorrow’s unknown is what we prepare for today.

Company Logo
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